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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Advertising Glass offers a complete mobile marketing suite of products that work synergistically together.
Below are some of the videos that show case the product range however for full details and pricing give us a call or drop us an email.

Bluetooth and Wifi Solutions

Bluetooth and wifi ad-pods 
This ad-pod offers portable and fixed location Bluetooth and Wifi marketing capability
enabling any business to put coupons and offers in the hands of their customers via their mobile
phone. Cost effective, easy to use and eco friendly marketing systems.

NFC and Smart Poster

Smart posters are just like traditional posters but they are enhanced by the use of NFC and
QR code technology. This means a customer can tap or scan their phone against the poster and
be redirected to the content they want to receive. This connects the real world with the virtual
world and enables them to get coupons, pdf’s, info sheets, videos, v-cards, Apps and much
more. The NFC technology can also be used for ticketing systems at festivals and much more.

App Creation and Delivery Systems

App Creation and App Delivery we now build highly functional affordable Apps in house
and have a very effective App delivery system to help any business get more App downloads.
This has excellent margins for you as a partner and also can provide a monthly repeat income.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks are a high end solution for high footfall stores, hotels and shopping
malls. They enable the user to interact with digital content and have content sent straight to their
mobile phone.