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Ad-pod Plus Bluetooth & Wifi Marketing System

Ad-Pod Plus Bluetooth and Wifi Marketing


With the global emergence of Wifi-enabled smart phones we have developed the Ad-Pod Plus which is a dual Bluetooth and Wifi product. Using both Bluetoothand Wifi enables you to deliver advertising and marketing content to 95% of mobile phones.

Most notably the iPhone blocks Bluetooth transfer but with the incorporated Wifi solution we now have a system capable of delivering your content.

How Does Wifi Marketing Work?

The Wifi works in a similar way to a hotel’s Wifi hotspot. When you log on to the Wifi connection and refresh your browser it immediately redirects the user to the advertising content page just like a hotel redirects you to the payment page upon initiation. On an iPhone it works even better by actually pushing a login box to the handset upon connection that displays the adverts.

So combined with the Bluetooth push this is an incredibly powerful marketing system that can be sent to virtually every phone on the planet.

The Ad-Pod Plus is a fixed price product with no ongoing costs. The Ad-Pod Plus has the capability of sending to tens of thousands of phones thus promoting your business all day and everyday for free.

download-brochureCross Platform Mac and PC Compatibility

The Ad-Pod Plus is by far the easiest to use Bluetooth and Wifi system in the world. You simply log on to it using your laptop’s Wifi. Once you log into the box the software is incredibly simple to use and it offers powerful features like the ability to create an advert directly inside the unit using tools like an animated Gif creator, v-card generator, v-calender generator.

Unlike virtually every device on the market the Ad-Pod Plus can be updated by both Mac and PC. This makes this the easiest to use, the easiest to update and the most effective Bluetooth and Wifi marketing system in the industry.

Enhanced Bluetooth Range

By using the latest Bluetooth chipset with enhanced noise reduction the Ad-Pod Plus is able to communicate with the phone’s weak Bluetooth signal over a greater distance of up to 60m. Doubling the sending range in comparison to all other Bluetooth devices on the market.